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Welcome to the Infant School area of the Heritage site

Pennington County Infants School are proud to be associated with the Priestlands Heritage and Young Peoples Project.

Within our site you will find a comprehensive history of infant education in Pennington and examples of the work produced by our children in response to the heritage project. Use the links to the left to navigate around our site.

We have a new camera in our birdbox for 2005. We are pleased to say that not only do we have Blue Tits back in our nest, but the pictures are being streamed live to the internet. To see the pictures and see lots of our children's work go to The Birdbox Project Website.

Follow this link to download video from last years Birdbox Webcam. See the Blue Tits nesting outside our school.

The School History section of the site is very near completion. There is some splendid art work in the Environmental Art section.

The woodland study section has a report on our heritage days in June 2003. Our efforts to provide homes for our local birds can be found on the flora and fauna page.

There are photos of the children enjoying the splendid maths trail produced by friends of the school.

Please visit us again soon and, hopefully, there will be even more interesting and informative content.