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Environmental Art in the school grounds

Andy Goldsworthy is a British artist who has a worldwide reputation as a creator of extraordinary works of art. He works exclusively with the materials that he finds in the outdoor environment. Snow, ice, rock, pebbles, leaves, twigs, dandelion heads, sand, soil - wherever he is Andy Goldsworthy uses whatever is around him to make sculpture. His work is ephemeral and he records his creations with fine colour photographs.

We looked at three books of Goldsworthy's photographs - Wood, Stone and Time. The children were very impressed with what they saw and loved his work.
We went into the school grounds and the children amazed us all with the skill and imagination they showed in taking his ideas and using them to inform their own sculptures. They did not try to copy the work that they had seen but made their own art following his principles.

We recorded their work with these digital photographs.

pebble line

Three Year Two girls make a pebble line which snakes around one of the wooden benches at the edge of the playground.

The finished work.

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