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Priestland Woodland Studies

We have helped the pupils of Pennington Juniors and Priestlands in the quadrat surveys which are ongoing within the woodlands. The results of this survey can be found at this page.

In June 2003 we held a Heritage day. Our year Two children joined with Year Three from the junior school to undertake 3 different activities. The children went on an Earthwalk with Simon West and Paul Hibberd from the Forrestry Commission, they went on a fact finding treasure hunt around the school grounds and they made Tree Passports for the large trees within the site.

The Year One and Reception children worked together in the immediate environment around the Infant School, but still found alot that was of interest. Find details of the Heritage Day here.


The Ranger's Vans in the car park as the Forestry Commission help us with our Woodlands and Heritage Day.