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Homes for the local birdlife

We have a birdbox on an Oak Tree outside the school with a webcam inside. Following the disappointment of Spring 2003, when we had a nest which was subsequently abandoned, we are now very excited. In April 2004 a pair of Blue Tits again made a nest in the box. This time they have stayed and at present are incubating eleven eggs. To see the latest video from inside the box click on this link - Birdbox webcam Windows Media Video.

With the help of Simon West from the Forestry Commission we spent a day investigating the birds which inhabit the area around the infant school. We were able to detect the songs and calls of nine different bird species from the school playground.

Simon gave a talk to the whole school showing pictures of the bird species that we may encounter. He also had nests from many of the species which the children could investigate. The younger children went on to make 'nests', whilst the older children constructed bird boxes which we are to put up in the trees around the school.

Simon West helps Year Two children with construction of bird boxes.