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Pennington Infants Birdbox Webcam 2005

We have a new ugraded webcam in our birdbox this year. We are pleased to say we have a blue tit family in residence again and are even more pleased that the pictures are being streamed live to the internet. The pictures are on a new Birdbox Project website provided by the South East Grid for Learning. To see this splendid site click here.

Pennington Infants Birdbox Webcam 2004

In a large Oak Tree next to the school we have a birdbox. Inside that birdbox we have a webcam.

We are very fortunate that this year a pair of blue tits have made their home in the box. This has meant that our children have been able to watch the goings on inside the nest via a monitor in the school library.

To see an archive of video in Windows Media Video format please click the links below to download the files. If you have a dial up connection they will take a couple of minutes to download.

All Windows computers should have Windows Media Player to play these clips. If you undock the player you can change the size of the video window (although the video resolution is quite low, to speed download times). We are hoping to put up hi-res clips for broadband users in the near future.

Late April 2004 - A glimpse of the eleven eggs in the nest, mother bird sitting on the eggs

4th May 2004 - Mother Blue Tit re-arranges her eggs

7th May 2004 - Mother Blue Tit is still re-arranging her eggs

10th May 2004 - Almost all hatched, mum and dad remove shell from chicks head

10th May 2004 - Spot the hungry chick, mum brings a caterpillar

11th May 2004 - Getting stronger - eating more

13th May 2004 - Mum and dad fattening the chicks up

13th May 2004 - The chicks start to find their voices.

17th May 2004 - It's getting crowded in here

20th May 2004 - We've got feathers!

24th May 2004 - Not babies any more

25th May 2004 - Exterior video of the nestbox with a blue tit flying in and out again.

26th May 2004 - Nearly ready to go?

28th May 2004 - Exercising our wings, ready to go

29th May 2004 - The birds have flown, an empty nestbox

We have also been keeping a nest box diary, noting what has been happening. It has proved to be very interesting and we have found that nest building and egg laying was not like we thought it would be. For example we were very surprised to see that it took almost a month for the Tits to build their nest. To read the nestbox diary click here.