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Enhancement of fabric is an important aspect of the KS4 Textiles programme. The students are encouraged to look around their environment and find sources of inspiration. Our school site has a rich source of such inspiration. The Gurney Dixon building, the walled garden, the Coach House and the lake area provide rich sources of natural and historical stimulus for design. Pupilís awareness and appreciation of our Historical and Environmental site is heightened through conservation. The many ideas that are explored may then be put onto fabric using the computerised sewing machine. This may be using the pre-programmed designs that students can adapt or by designing their own on a PC and then converting the design to the Husqvarna Designer 1 machine for sewing.

Year 10 Have had the opportunity of using the Husqvarna Designer 1 sewing machine, kindly given to the technology department by the Heritage Fund. The students were given the task of designing and manufacturing a set of identical place mats. This illustrated the work they have been working through on industrial practises.

Teacher Pathway Student Pathway   Production Line - The manufacturing task

Teacher Pathway Student Pathway   Scheme of Work, available as a Word file or PDF Word   Adobe PDF

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