Year 3

Report on Heritage Exhibition on Wednesday 14th July 2004

The Exhibition was organised as a celebration of our achievements and an opportunity to share our work with other schools and organisations as we come to the end of our third and final year. It also marked the launch of our website for anyone with an interest in developing a strategic approach to promoting the local heritage through the school curriculum.

The exhibition stands were organised by representatives from all three schools. These included displays of resources, photographs, video extracts, pupils' work and guidelines. Teachers and pupils presented their exhibitions and talked with much enthusiasm to the guests during the afternoon. Stands were also organised by the Countryside Education Trust, English Heritage, The Butterfly Conservation Society and St Barbe's Museum. These were representative of the organisations who have supported and worked with us on the project and would be able to offer much to similar projects in other schools. Finally the Heritage Website was set up for visitors to log on to. All of the above involved much time to organise in the weeks leading up to the Exhibition to ensure all went well on the day.

Invitations to the Exhibition had been sent to every school in Hampshire and there were a good number of representatives from infant, junior and secondary schools present. Other guests represented a wide range of organisations including New Forest District Council, Hampshire Youth Service, Lymington Rotary Club, HLF, Forestry Commission, Lymington & Pennington Town Council and Hampshire Gardens Trust.

The Exhibition was opened by Louisa Hiscock who gave a brief outline of the work undertaken and invited guests to find out more from the pupils, teachers and organisations present when they visited the exhibition stands. Gilly Drummond then spoke on the importance of this project as a national pilot for other schools to follow.

All guests were asked to complete an evaluation sheet before leaving the Exhibition. Their comments were very positive and below are a sample of these:

  • 'I love (the pupils') enthusiasm'
  • 'I found the Exhibition very informative and the contacts I have made will be very useful'

  • 'Very informative and exciting to hear how enthusiastic the pupils are about the different aspects of the project'
  • 'It was all interesting and a celebration of everyone's achievements'
  • 'The range and quality of work was really encouraging'
  • 'Exciting and interesting to see such a successful collaborative project'
  • 'It was useful to hear the pupils talking about their own work, knowing that learning had been real and profound'
  • 'I was interested to see how many parts of the curriculum are supported by this project'
  • In conclusion, the Exhibition was very successful as a celebration of all the work undertaken. It promoted the project to a wider audience in the community, including other schools thinking of setting up a similar project.

    Finally, the event was also filmed to enable it to become part of our archive, with extracts to be included on the website.

    L Hiscock
    July 2004

    Louisa Hiscock
    C Currie

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